Global IME Capital Limited

Leveraged Buyouts and Management Buyouts

Leverage Buy out: A method of financing an acquisition whereby a company or investment fund borrows funds for the acquisition against the assets and estimated future cash flows of the target company. Buyers can acquire a company or obtain by transfer part of a company's business operations even with limited capital funds.
Management Buyout: A scheme whereby the existing management of a company cooperates with, for example, an investment fund, to buy the company from its original owner(s) or shareholders, and continues to manage its business operations. This will help to gain independence from external owners or shareholders enable the implementation of flexible business strategies. The existing managers are able to continue managing the company.
GBIME will use its pool of experts of advising on merger and acquisitions (M&A) that use leveraged finance and management buy-outs to assist customers in raising funds. In the process of Buyouts, GBIME introduce potential investors, and make proposals regarding the structuring of deals and the various procedures to use when executing the transaction. We offer various services in buy outs which include the followings but not limited to:
  • Capital structure evaluation
  • Liability management
  • Business plan review and creditor communication
  • Debt capacity and valuation analysis
  • Expert testimony
  • Documents formulations and Amendments