Global IME Capital Limited

Our Valued Clients

At present, the Company is handling the Registrar to Shares of the following companies:

Commercial Banks

  • Citizens Bank International Bank Ltd.
  • Global IME Bank Ltd.
  • Nepal Bangladesh Bank Ltd.

Development Banks & Finance Companies

  • Kailash Bikas Bank Ltd
  • Supreme Development Bank Ltd
  • Narayani Development Bank
  • Public Development Bank
  • Gandaki Bikas Bank Limited
  • Nilgiri Bikas Bank Limited
  • Kabeli Bikas Bank Ltd
  • Kanchan Development Bank Ltd
  • Gulmi Bikas Bank Ltd
  • First Micro Finance Development Bank Ltd.
  • Pacific Development Bank Ltd
  • ICFC Finance Ltd
  • Kaski Finance Ltd
  • Reliable Development Bank Limited
  • General Finance Ltd

Insurance Companies

  • Sagarmatha Insurance Company Limited
  • United Insurance Company Limited