Global IME Capital Limited

Portfolio Management Services

Portfolio Management is a broad term that refers to the process of determining the structure and components of an investment portfolio based on a series of criteria specific to a set of individual circumstances and requirements.

Our core business objective is to ensure our clients' financial well-being andperpetual growth. To achieve the same, we at GBIME effectively leverage the knowledge and experience of our team of professional experts to offer our clients a range of strategic and innovative portfolio and wealth management solutions that are in tandem with their needs and goals along with their risk appetite.

We understand the value of your time and the opportunities it holds for you. Your personal finances may not get the attention they deserve while you attend to your business and professional needs;you may be a smart saver but not a smart investor; your financial goals may be vague and there may not be a clear line between your current income and wealth levels with your future goals.As a Licensed Portfolio Manager, our endeavor is to cater solutions to these potential problems by delivering you, our tailor-made Portfolio Management Services. We also provide superior and timely Advisory service for managing and enhancing your wealth.

Portfolio services in rendered in three fronts:

Discretionary Portfolio Management Service
If your time is precious andyou want “Your hard earned money to work harder than you do” Discretionary Portfolio Management is designed for you.

GICL’s team of experts creates and manages your investment portfolio, reporting regularly on returns, leaving you free to pursue other concerns. We develop a tailor made portfolio through a strategic process which involves framinginvestment objectives based on your risk return trade off, time/liquidity/tax/legal/unique constraints and then identifying the appropriate allocation of assets in conjunction to the current market expectations to succinctly meet those objectives.

Non- Discretionary Portfolio Management Service
Global IME capital understands that some investors prefer to have more control over their portfolios; hence, we offer non-discretionary service where we contact clients to make recommendations.

Investment recommendation and execution timing shall be instructed by the client. The execution of the trade shall be done by Portfolio manager. However, upon the client’s request, we do facilitate research service to have a reasonable and adequate basis for his investment decision.

Advisory Portfolio Management Service
If you like watching the markets, evaluating economic research, and making all your investment decisions independently, then our Investment Advisory Service is appropriate for you. 

GICL offers advisory services whereby we advise client which stocks to buy, which to sell, which industry stocks to accumulate, which industry stocks to divest based on the fundamental and technical analysis of securities, industries and the financial market expectations.

We also provide service to track your “self-managed portfolio’s” performance upon request.